20 thoughts on “System

  1. paweł jasiński

    Ok, now I’m not sure if you really are this retarded, or if you are just
    mocking people… But: There is only one youtube. If you upload a video, it
    can be accessed worldwide. That’s the idea, thus, It’s actually supposed to
    be multicultural and multilingual. And by the way: *foreign, and countries’.

  2. WideRoom

    hi there
    we’re a brand new alternative band from switzerland
    and we’d be honored if you took a little of your time to check us out
    we’re just trying to make it
    Thank YOU so much !

  3. Real Ethan Ramirez

    over 200 million views and there are only 8 million people on earth lol hax

  4. zodiak650

    The 20,000 dislikes are people who listen to sissy rock like Nickelback,
    Killers, Alien Antfarm, Sunfold 5, or any of that other soft wussy rock.
    Skrillex is more rock and metal than most bands and he’s a just a
    dj/producer. Til this day System is better than any band right now. 

  5. Bruce GraysonComics

    I can’t believe he sings for System of a Down and Slipknot! Pure Talent.
    Blessed. Can’t wait to hear their new tunes

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