25 thoughts on “Homes

  1. Dj Smith

    Did anyone think “imagine being drunk in here and falling over the railing
    at the stairs?” Not my layout, but nicely decorated.

  2. dlwatib

    The house seemed to go on and on. It seemed to have a lot of hallways,
    passageways and the like. Many places seemed cramped. I would have
    preferred more sweeping vistas like the great room. The entry hall would
    have been better with only one stairway. It ended up being too narrow with
    two stairways.

  3. didi rose

    big home with small bedroom and bathroom,uuuhhmm not my taste,but thumbs up
    to the camera man thou

  4. Garrison Smith

    Went to this model when buying our home. Live in the neighborhood and love
    grand homes! Convinced my parents to buy one down the street! 

  5. Casey McGuire

    Was this video featured on television? How did it get almost half a million

  6. Joann T

    Don’t care for it at all! Faux Tudor on the outside – too many turrets and
    pointed roofs for the dimensions – inside faux Spanish something or other –
    little nooks and crannies all over, looks like a model home. In California
    this would be at least $2.5M

  7. Brad Mc Innis

    I have seen better, but lets be serious here. The price tag here is all
    about the location. The same house would go for much less in Atlanta

  8. lilacbed

    BEAUTIFUL HOUSE, complete with the cheating husband, the depressed wife,
    insecure daughter and drugged up son


  9. Lexi G

    I know this is just a model but can you make a home exactly like it? Just a

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