24 thoughts on “Facts

  1. Matthew Santoro

    *Since so many people have been asking for what my sources were for these
    facts, I’ve put a link in the description sourcing EVERY fact. So please
    stop asking if I used this website or that website…now you have the ones
    I used, and you can see they are all in fact TRUE. Hope that clears it up
    for some of you :)*

  2. Chris Mattson

    1… a gay bomb…seriously…?
    2. Samsung makes weapons? Da fuq?
    3. I hate ‘art’
    4. Lolz. Jaguars are actual party animals

  3. Pedro Cerda

    when I saw the frog I thought it was on a small rocket with steam or
    something coming out of it.

  4. DY Y

    “Scorpions hold their breath under water for up to 6 days.”

    We have the little brown (Centruroides hentzi) scorpions now and then. When
    I see one, I scoop it up into a cup. turn the water on hot till it is
    steaming and fill the cup half full.

    The scorpion will start to go nuts and after about 10 seconds, it will die
    and float. That’s when I dump it in the toilet and flush.

  5. Preyankari Devyani

    gay bomb? cool man. mayb i shud relese that in the boys school beside my

  6. Illoosion

    Why do people keep telling me UV light is invisible? I can perfectly see UV
    light. It’s a pretty shade of purple. Am I mistaking this for something
    else, or do I have superpowers?! XD

    I apologize if I sound like a typical YouTube idiot who doesn’t know what
    he’s talking about. You know the light that shoots out of invisible ink
    pens? I can see it, it’s purple. Other people see it too, right?!

  7. TheZeldaBigMacintosh


    Well, that study was obviously done before I was born. I was the second
    born of three brothers, and I’m much smarter than both of them.

  8. jasdevi5012

    Anyone else want to go to the store and buy all the cherries now? xD

  9. Jack Crawford

    Couldn’t they just amplify what’s in cherries by 100 or 1000 to cure cancer
    or something like that?

  10. Xealla

    Lol, the zombie apocalypse thing was just a way for them to make awareness
    on stocking up on food, batteries, medicines, etc. in case of a hurricane,
    earthquake or terrorist attack. You off man :P

  11. TheJosue1998

    I don’t get the ultra violet light fact can someone further explain it
    because I am confused.

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