picture of solar shingles

Information on Solar Shingles

If you are looking at the different solar panels available to you, do include taking a closer look at the solar shingles technology that has made major advances in the last few years.

Watch the video below to see what the shingles look like and to get more information on this awesome solar energy product that has been becoming more and more popular.

9 thoughts on “Information on Solar Shingles

  1. carter102

    So being exposed to the chickenpox virus as an adult can cause shingles?!!
    Yikes! The club I do martial arts at usually has a class full of kids
    coughing on there way out before my classes start, no wonder I’m having an
    outbreak! Jesus, I’m only 31.

  2. Boink Ogre

    31 yrs old mine started without any symptoms that i can remember about 2
    days ago, Its so painful id wish this on my worst enemy.

  3. mekrystle

    If you think you have shingles, go to the doctor ASAP! I’m 16 weeks
    pregnant and just came back from the ER diagnosed with shingles.
    Unfortunately I’m too late in the shingles stages to get the antiviral
    meds, so it’s all about pain management right now.

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