solar energy options for homes

Home Solar Panel Options

Figuring out the best solar panels for you and your family can seem a little overwhelming at first due to information overload. Take a look at the information provided belwow as we have summarized your options so that you know you options and can make a informed decision regarding what solar panels will be best for you.

Solar Panels attached to the roof of your home

Solar Shingles

Solar Panels

Other Creative Options

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  1. Zaynah Jadwiga

    Thank you Nikki! I need to reorganize my office this week before school
    starts and your tips help me a lot. It never occurred to me that the
    colours and the look of my workspace could have such a big impact. Thanks
    again!! Great tips!!

  2. prettyred280

    Wow Is there anything you can’t do …..Lol wonderfully done .I didnt need
    any info on how to set up a workspace .But I loved the advice on changing
    up the hardware, and covering the glass with fabric to update that piece of
    furniture brilliant work !!!

  3. Reena Gill

    Hey Nikki,

    I loved this video!

    I often struggle with making a work space beautiful as well as functional
    but this has given me some great ideas. I’m going to try and implement some
    of your wonderful tips in my office this semester to make it an amazing
    environment to work and study in. Thanks you so much for all the wonderful
    videos you make.

    Lotsa love x

  4. Lisa Sundin

    I’d love to see Joanne’s office with all the white furniture. Aqua and gold
    would be so pretty! Great tips!


    Great Tips! I especially liked painting the furniture white and changing
    the knobs. That will make a huge impact in this space. I always enjoy your
    vids you are SO creative!

  6. Latoyia Wilkins

    Great Tips! I would use a fabric with the Mary Kay colors in the Hutch that
    would coordinate with the posters.

  7. Epitome16

    Wonderful advice, Nikki! You’re brilliant. White, pink, and silver or gold
    would be great with her Mary Kay stuff. 

  8. DaniSimpleHome

    Great advise Nikki! I just started a home organizing channel, I would love
    if you could check it out and give me some feed back. Thanks 

  9. Yvette Miguez

    I’m a big fan of your videos but this has to be one of your best!!! I love
    this!!! Keep up the amazing work, Nikki! You truly are an inspiration!

  10. Rosalyn Stadler

    Nikki, if Joanne sends you an after picture, please share it with us. Love
    love love your videos

  11. BellinaSkyBright

    fantastic, love how you gave Joanne such a clear, in-depth solution she
    will be able to get right on it, time permitting. You are one of the best
    on YT.
    P.S just wondered if you are a Gemini birth sign? you are a very good
    communicater (spel?) :-)

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