Solar Panels For Sale

Take a look at the video below the gentleman provides some really good tips on solar panels and offers ideas on where you can purchase the panels for your home!

21 thoughts on “Solar Panels For Sale

  1. gnarly0531

    8 beds with 3 person couch? only food no water? fail!!! better odds of
    living in a trash bag than in that dump. should probably get in better
    shape too man huffing and puffing walking maybe 100 feet.
    overall still cool though but i would take the beds out and make it a
    party bunker.

  2. Robeson Design

    Wow, that motor sure spoils the “Hidden” aspect. Sounds like someones
    mowing a lawn!

  3. jmarylastone

    okay lets back up and regroup here – I can see this being useful in a
    “nuke” attack for shelter maybe – or tornado maybe – but I see too many
    flaws for snipers and shtf – I only watched this one time and I already
    know how to keep you from ever seeing the light of day again (all I have to
    do is block your hatches and you’re dead after your food runs out) – and
    how do you get the “weak and feeble” down there? hmmm no old people?? and
    after seeing it one time I can knock your above ground pipes all to hell
    and put a real monkey wrench in your plan

    GREAT idea but too many flaws as you show it here

  4. jason saari

    The comments here are great. First its out in the middle of no where. Good
    luck wandering around out looking for it. Plenty of land to set up pits and
    bear traps. He doesnt need that loud generator though. There has to be a
    better way of getting power

  5. Starscream6078

    I have see juste a little of your field in the video but maybe you can
    plant more low plant for more discretion because I thought see there were
    only plants around trapes. (Sorry for my english)

  6. wildoxidizer

    other word if they find you entrance they can park a truck on top the wait
    for the gas to run out of your generator or find your exit at same time and
    ill ya… Mine is a better design nice but the door should always open into
    the bunker not out
    plus the generator should be accessed from the bunker… I have trees and
    ferns growing in my bunker and a few more plants plus I have a methane and
    gasifer generator that make syn-gas=gasoline, diesel and propane from human
    and plant waste then animals waste also…

  7. Richard Ball

    Wood be easier and cheaper to just bury some shipping containers. Thus
    customisable to any size and lay out. 

  8. quercus

    In a shtf situation or the way everyone is armed up a small arms war. There
    wouldn’t any place be safe for long.

  9. D.N. R.

    Would be a great tank to store my farm animals water in, how much without
    all the fancy submarine doors and beds and stuff just capped on both ends
    with the tunnel tube to put the water down delivered to southwest Texas?

  10. drumdude46

    2′ thick, stealthily ‘locked’ steel door, to get in. check. ‘secret’
    (lol!) escape tunnel out the back way, 30 ft to the right, with open
    duct and no door blocking stairway leading down, ahh…..just over
    there! lol! wow. and that generator?? are you serious? Look,
    it IS a cool container, but…. this is ridiculous. born from the
    ‘skiddish minds’, of ultra-paranoid, conspiracy nuts, who love to burrow.
    imagine the excavation project to ‘get all this’ set down into the
    ground? the ‘noise’ and the attention you’d get, doing so? agreed
    with other guy, good place to huddle for a nuclear event, but…..
    SHTF? your a sitting duck down there….. easily breached, or
    sabotaged, in a number of ways…

  11. 77chonyc

    This is very nice for bombs, but for an attack, you would be dead in a day
    or two the most. The escape tunnel is nothing more than decoration, and
    would not work in the real world. Also, you could just lock you in there,
    cover vents, and allow you to use up all air. Easy as cake to kill ya in

  12. denver303

    Great idea! Hey having a bug out shelter or bomb shelter is a awesome idea,
    But prepping is more then having food and a shelter. Prepping is about
    getting people physically and mentally Ready and judging by your heavy
    breathing going down some steps you won’t make it a week in that situation.
    Can you make a video on what to do if someone was to park there full size
    truck on your door and if someone sprayed a chemical down you vents how
    would you deal with that situation. … good luck!

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