Cost Of Installing Solar Panels

Watch the video below to get an idea of how much it will cost you to install solar panel on your home. Keep in mind price to install solar panels can vary greatly due to the size of your home, the manufacturer you choose to buy their solar panels etc.

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  1. opap1000

    My students and I enjoy viewing your videos! They understand their lessons
    faster and better. Thanks!

  2. pushkar kothare

    these presentations are damn damn made all theories much
    betterment to understand Keynesian n modern economics than what we observed
    in our classroom… thank you very very much

  3. SoloSanchez99

    Wow, all of your videos are great. They are really clear and concise, I
    mean you really do explain in a short clip what others try to explain in a
    whole hour.:P Thanks

  4. Samuna Mukata

    I have to say these videos have made the enigma of microeconomics so much
    more easier to understand, I applaud your effort, I was stuck for months
    because I basically couldnt understand all the text book jargon that makes
    microeconomics so difficult to understand, thanks alot for enlightening me,
    I was blind now I can see!

  5. gulliblecynic

    Your videos are incredible! I’m taking an online microeconomics class and
    would be dying without your thoughtfully designed videos. Kahn Academy
    should be looking to you for inspiration on how to create high quality,
    effective open source content. Well done!

  6. Mason Laframboise

    I wish you were my teacher. You are an amazing person and a life saver and
    now I understand economics. Thank you.

  7. tic toc

    Could you possibly make a vide about long run and short run average cost
    curves and also economies and diseconomies of scale?

  8. Peace Happiness

    AMAZING VIDEO!!! I KNOW this took HARD WORK and DEDICATION. My teacher uses
    you as a resource for my Managerial Economics class. Thank YOU.

  9. live4eveeer

    Hi, just awesome, no matter the education level, I’m actually doing my MBA
    and this has been very valuable since I did not see any microeconomics
    before. Thanks A Lot!!!

  10. Andile Mlotshwa

    This really helped me get an understanding of some things that were a bit
    difficult to understand. Thank You

  11. lyam li

    Merry Christmas~~~~would you please tell me why do we calculate marginal
    cost by calculating the change in total cost?Why don’t we just use the
    variable cost as the numerator directly? As I think fixed cost doesn’t
    change therefore variable cost is exactly the change in total cost! Sorry
    for any grammar mistake since I’m an ESL student.Thank you very much!

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