Pros And Cons

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  1. Argonautica8

    This album and The Wall were written at the same time. In fact Waters
    presented demos of both albums to the band and said, “one of these Im gonna
    put out as a solo album and the other we can do as Floyd. Pick one.”

  2. Ethan Jensen

    I was on and they had a video of Avril Levine’s new song Hello
    Kitty. I made the mistake of pausing this to listen to it.

  3. Oliver Percivall

    This is a pretty damn good album you know, even after all these years. Well
    done Roger. 

  4. final fandy

    I was never into Pink Floyd. But this album is way up on my ‘fav list’. Has
    Roger Waters’ best works and some of Eric Clapton’s best blistering licks;
    deserves 4 stars. Rolling Rotten Stone, you can keep your stars upyours,
    roll down to hell, and stay.

  5. MrCamelneck

    Without his Pink Floyd mates, Roger is nothing more than interesting lyrics.
    Just my opinion …

  6. Arobynn Grey

    This and “Amused to death”, along with “Songs of love and hate” by Leonard
    Cohen… they have defined my style of writing…
    It is unappreciated.

  7. elsdon001

    where do the years go!!!! pink floyd etc etc!! AMAZING! I feel young

  8. Robert James

    Can someone tells me who is playing DOBRO starting a little before the 6
    minute mark pretty damn good Dobro playing

  9. Dan Williams

    Someone here wrote that “Waters is Lennon, Gilmour is McCartney.”

    That’s a pretty good analogy, except for the fact that McCartney never
    would have gotten back together with Harrison and Starr, wrote all the
    songs, and called himself “The Beatles.”

    See the dif?

  10. michael berich

    4.30 A.M. (Apparently They Were Travelling Abroad) 00:00
    4.33 A.M. (Running Shoes) 03:12
    4.37 A.M. (Arabs With Knives and West German Skies) 07:19
    4.39 A.M. (For the First Time Today, Pt. 2) 09:37
    4.41 A.M. (Sexual Revolution) 11:39
    4.47 A.M. (The Remains of Our Love) 16:28
    4.50 A.M. (Go Fishing) 19:38
    4.56 A.M. (For the First Time Today, Pt. 1) 26:37
    4.58 A.M. (Dunroamin, Duncarin, Dunlivin) 28:16
    5.01 A.M. (The Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking, Pt. 10) 31:19
    5.06 A.M. (Every Strangers’ Eyes) 35:56
    5.11 A.M. (The Moment of Clarity) 40:44

  11. spiritvoice108

    I think its a safe bet that when the author of this work called it the PROS
    and Cons of hitching that it was pretty much all con with very little pro.
    I could be miss-reading this I’m just saying it sounds like his trip to the
    country and everything else pretty much sucked till he met his current love
    who may or may not be real 

  12. lofofsepult

    Il espérait en vendre un peu grâce à la pochette…Dés le premier titre on
    entends un copier coller de The Wall…Laisse tombé mec, Gilmour est plus
    fort que toi…


    ok mechanical universe the bull ryde..they build this world and many more
    can a spider build a beaver so who built earth..nature..

  14. loopy Ruane

    love this album, eric’s playing is something else,no offence dave,your
    still my number one, but, , , , free palestine.

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