8 thoughts on “Information

  1. Stalker

    Rip Steven no human deserves to be executed in this way. Theses are
    worrying times what kind of world am a bringing my children up in. This
    evil needs wiped off the face of this troubled planet. My heart and sole
    are with the family and friends. 

  2. Josh Neener

    Rest in peace, I will never forget your brevery kind sir. God bles from
    Canada and condolences to Steves family. ISIS, your days are numbered. God
    is the only judge and the West will bring you to judgement day. No virgins
    for you cowards.

  3. daniel carreno

    calm down this is a psyop. the reason they don’t show anything is because
    the last one was so fake a really bad haunted house would do a better job.

  4. P.H. Hennin

    Okay I have never seen so far a strategy as stupid as ISIS has. This video
    was the last nail on their Islamic State’s coffin. That idiot in black
    dress and knife in his left hand, speaking a British accent from East
    London with his Somalian tongue is already ID’d by MI-6 and Special Forces
    on the ground for him. How stupid you can be? These islamists shows you
    what you should not do when you attack other countries and wants to have a
    new state…they might could get away with the killing of 10’s of thousands
    people in Iraq and Syria already as they were not American’s. But to kill
    Americans in video? It is a suicide. They better run now! Or actually do
    not bother to run as they will be caught anyway so I guess a suicide is the
    only way out for ISIS and its members. 

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