Green Energy Facts

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  1. Matthew Santoro

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    it please like and share it, and also subscribe to my second (vlog)
    channel! **https://www.youtube.com/MatthewSantoro2**. **Thanks!*´╗┐

  2. Amanda Drugge

    I am swedish, and proud of how good we are when it comes to enviroment.
    (The people that is, the gouverment is prolly not as good at it)´╗┐

  3. Dynamic Samurai

    Wow so the word crap originated from a guy last name ­čś« Wonder if he knew
    that people wod end up using that term as an insult to people. ..´╗┐

  4. TNTExploder

    >Nike unveils self-lacing nike shoes set to be released in 2015
    >Flying car set to be released the same year

    Man, we REALLY Want the future in Back to the Future to exist, huh? Now all
    we need is a hoverboard.´╗┐

  5. Pyrocreeperking

    So every time i eat skittles…….i eat bug skins…….i dont care there
    still delicious ´╗┐

  6. Brenton Casey

    I really dislike how Americans/Canadians pronounce certain brands, like
    “newtella”? Wtf is newtella?! And Adeedis? Its Adidas not adydis or

  7. ÔŁĄFudgeBrownie59ÔŁĄ

    Good thing I am not a fan of Skittles or Jellybeans. Now M&M’s?

  8. Michael Ververs

    I’m pretty sure I have that grammatical form of OCD that you mentioned.´╗┐

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