Here you will find additional resources we think you will find helpful. These products are all highly rated and as you will see they are really neat and a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and save money too while you’re at it!



14 thoughts on “Resources

  1. Osama EL-Sherif

    very great lectures a new way for explanation many many thanks for you and
    your effort thanks again doctor

  2. number10munro

    lol..great vid!…but in the end i was anticipating..”joe’s crab shack…” i the only one who that had happened t?

  3. Warren Strout

    Great video , except I don’t agree with you on the money resource
    statement, A resource is defined as an economic or productive factor
    required to get things done. Money is certainly a resource, however, it is
    not a natural resource like water or lumber or minerals; it is an
    artificial social construct, however, it certainly is useful.

  4. 07SummerBreeze

    Ok my exam is in 2 days and I’ve barely studied at all so I’m relying on
    your videos which I must say are so easy to understand, now hopefully to
    pass my exam!

  5. Sass Queen

    I need some arguments for and against international trade, and some
    proof/vaild articles/news/evidenceto back it up…

  6. Lucinda Alexander

    Your videos are very good. May I have your permission to download them to
    use for my class?

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