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24 thoughts on “Jobs

  1. iclark2400

    Steve Jobs didn’t actually create anything, did he? I’m not an Apple fanboy
    so I don’t know much about his background or how he shot to fame, but it
    seems like he was a great motivator and entrepreneur more than
    anything…so instead of glorifying and shining the spotlight on him, they
    should have also given credit to the real inventors, the people
    behind-the-scenes at Apple who turned his vision into reality. seems like
    Kutcher did a good job with the movie though, judging from the trailer. 

  2. Marwan Bayoumi

    Steve Jobs is not a computer genuis he didnt do squat for the community he
    is just a hipster business man who was able to successfully exploit the
    consumers with over-priced, over-hyped and well advirtised products. Make
    it right Hollywood make a movie about Richard M. Stallman a true PC genuis
    and revolutionary.

  3. mwright166

    I honestly did not think Ashton pulled off the character too well. I
    thought the guy who played Jobs in Pirates of Silicon Valley did much much

  4. Ryo Seah

    this film is very inspiring and emotional if u watch it all the way to the

  5. Anna Fowdy

    Sooo, there’s a hot guy named Steve and an ugly guy named Steve; and the
    real Steve jobs is dead? My brain hurts. :'(

  6. KimPossible

    Apparently, this movie is not for everyone, but I thought it was good and
    thoroughly enjoyed it.

  7. Kieran Murphy

    This movie sucked so much I wanna see Leo Di Caprio play Steve. Leo should
    get a oscar and Steve should get the movie he deserves 

  8. Sollux Captor

    After watching every episode of That 70s show, Im really not used to Ashton
    Kutcher playing a smart person.

  9. Hana Malique

    Hmm..after watching the movie..i realised that steve jobs aint exactly a
    creator.he just takes from someone and redesigns.he is more of a

  10. Björk Haraldsdóttir

    This movie took me on a journey, and not just any journey, the true journey
    of the Apple company and it was truly remarkable and personally I think
    Ashton did an excellent job in his role of Steve and apparently this is a
    very debatable matter but this movie isn’t purely for entertainment, it’s
    telling a story.

    I think people are wasting too much passion on debating on whether or not
    Steve Jobs is over rated, let’s just enjoy the movie and if not, then
    simply watch other movies. For those who haven’t seen this movie i
    recommend you to watch it with an open mind and I hope you enjoyed it as
    much as I did.

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