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  1. Garry S

    Seems most of the people working at Starbucks or fast food places are
    teenagers. What should their wages be…? $15/hr? $20/hr? 

  2. DavidAtomic

    Well, if there were more companies, there would be more demand for labor
    and that would encrease the value of the salaries of the workers, based on
    the law of supply and demand. That’s why libertarians don’t like most of
    the regulations, because most them just step in the way of creation of new
    businesses and keeps the big corporations at the top, controling the
    country with the help of the cronnies that operate the Government in
    their trade of benefits between each other and in detriment of the ordinary

  3. rumdumconundrum

    I’ve actually worked at two restaurants under the Yum! Brands name, and I
    have to say, the pay itself is lousy, but what they expect you to do for
    that is even lousier.
    For example:
    When I worked at KFC/A&W in high school (a place I am NEVER eating at
    again. I’ve seen what they do to their food, at least at THAT location) I
    was hired on as a cashier. Apparently, in that position, I was required to
    take the orders, take the money, PACK the orders, hand the food to the
    customer, clean the bathrooms, bus the tables (yes, people refused to pick
    up after their damn selves because they’re assholes), take out the trash,
    sweep the parking lot (yes, seriously), clean dishes, keep track of how old
    the food was and how much was ready at the time, and cook all of the food
    that wasn’t bone-in chicken. And if someone was pissed off because the
    tables weren’t clean because I was too busy taking and making orders for
    the lunch rush, who was to blame? Me. Because I couldn’t handle a multitude
    of jobs that required me to be in several places at once.
    I’m sorry, but with all that money they were saving by giving me minimum
    wage, they probably could have hired more people to do some of those jobs
    that aren’t really under the umbrella of the term “Cashier” and kept me
    from developing premature wrinkles from the stress.

  4. woobmonkey p

    TJ, why no mention of the fact that these companies are willing to hire
    employees that no other company will have?

    Fer’xample, you don’t see many octogenarians working in industrial labour
    jobs, yet Wal-Mart will hire them to do a job that amounts to standing
    around and not frowning too hard…

  5. John Smith

    Well apparently if these corporations are paying less than what the labour
    is worth there wouldn’t be thousands of people trying to get these jobs. If
    the wages were too low people wouldn’t take these jobs.

  6. ojaswi ghimire

    I m just wondering if the economy is growing and their is inflation why
    shouldnt minimum wage grow with it ? may be their will be unemployment but
    the growing economic should be able to cop with it shouldnt it ? 

  7. NikIvRu

    A worker in USA has to work a whole day for a $100!??! Wooooow you must be
    so miserable.I’ll just ignore the fact that the minimum wage in Bulgaria is
    $250 FOR A MONTH….

  8. BigJoe89

    well this list is not correct for my area. Not the order anyways, most
    places pays roughly 1$ less then the local walmart. Sad thing is. If you
    want more then 8 an hour living here you better have a good car cause your
    driving an easy 60 miles minimum a day working. No jobs and no bus routs to

  9. Henry Brooks

    It’s kind of normal to be payed 8 or 9 dollars per hour if you’re not
    worth more, nobody is supposed to make a living or feed a family off simple
    jobs like that.

  10. tommy g

    its rediculas to say o you would have to work fo x amount of hours to get y
    so its bad pay for example ford workers would have to work for alot more
    than 18 hours to get a for car but is that bad pay no you dont factor in
    cost and production factors you act like the money for that latee and
    sandwhich or the coat is full profit for those companys

  11. Jon Fumaster

    $9!? walmart must hate the fact they bought Asda here in the Uk our
    national minimum is more then that.

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