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25 thoughts on “Articles

  1. Lee Christina

    Hi Ronnie, thank you for the lesson. Now I have a sentence in which I am
    not sure about which article I should use. Maybe you could help me. “Taiwan
    is Denny’s other/another hometown.” In this case, I think ‘another’ makes
    more sense, but my editor corrected me for using ‘other’ instead. Thank

  2. Jonathan Durand

    You help me allot i was having problems how to put an in a sentens your
    video was berry helful for me thank you.

  3. FlorensNightingale

    I just discovered your channel and I really hope it will improve my
    english. Articles are permanent pain in the ass for me and for some unknown
    reason I just can’t work it through. I finished high school a couple of
    years ago, but you give me a feeling like I’m in school again.

  4. WorthyDan

    Why do we use ‘the’ in example 1 and not in example 2?
    1. I want to use the internet.
    2. I want to use Skype.

  5. Farid Alizade

    Can you explain me how write article with preposition.for example:Our
    school is at … corner of … street?

  6. St Longinus

    Polish isnt “latin” its Slavic and we have the same a,e,i,o,u vowel sounds.

  7. Janno Ocorro

    Thanks a lot teacher Ronnie, even though you are obviously tired and no
    more enough energy. You still manage to explain the Articles in English…I
    really like you Mam and more of that you mentioned our country Philippines
    on this lesson. God Bless you Miss Ronnie <3

  8. Geoff Fontillas

    hi Ronnie! I’m from “The” Philippines! thanks for this great lesson. oh!
    you’re funny too. :)

  9. Lona Juarana

    I’d follow every lessons you’ve shared in here it’s great, very clear to
    understand and it keeps me refreshed and polished my English writing and
    communication skills. Thank you very much for the great effort of sharing
    with us your knowledge about the language You are a brilliant teacher.
    Keep it up Ronnie! 

  10. Victor Martinez

    Hi Ronnie could you make a video explaining how to use a until & as soon
    as? thanks.

  11. afosatti

    I was thnking, that you could maybe say also, that THE can be used with
    general words, female, male, but also in singular and plural (the dog, the
    dogs) such as the United States (states is plural) just to make it a little
    easier. Thank you very much for this videos Ronnie! you’re so awesome! 😀
    (and by the way, my country is only known as Mexico, but officially is the
    United Mexican States) :p

  12. badri prince

    i be panic about articles for my life time i guess. because,i’m
    not perfect at,please made me learn the articles

  13. Iruam Candido..

    Thank you 😀 I have a doubt when you were talking about the Coffee Shop How
    can I write the thing that you can pick at the Coffee Shop ? ( I ‘m
    Brazilian , I ‘m learning english , forgive if I did some mistake :D)

  14. Alisha L

    Hello Ronnie!

    Can I say upon walking in A shoe store: Give me A pair of ( without THE?)
    shoes, please. A pair that will knock me off my feet? Here I let THE seller
    know that I want ANY pair of shoes that according to the seller’s taste is
    mind blowing. When they bring me THE shoes which I don’t like I must say:
    THE shoes must be red, green, polka dot, whatever. As far as I understand I
    can’t walk into A shop and say: Give me THE shoes. Because here it means
    since I’m at THE shoe store, I want to get ”all the shoes they have”,
    which I don’t need. So, I’m like: offer me ANYTHING first and I will
    choose. In this case I don’t know which shoes I want, I was just walking by
    and decided to purchase A pair. But when I do shopping with THE purpose of
    buying A / THE certain pair to match my dress I say: I’d like THE red shoes?

    I’m confused.

    Please, help me. I know the rules by heart, but when it comes to practice I
    make mistakes, because there are no articles in my mother language.

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