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Renewable Energy

What is Renewable Energy? Why is It Important?

Why Renewable Energy is an Important Power Source

Currently, the U.S. is dependent on natural gas, oil and coal for energy consumption. However, for future use, fossil fuels are not only cost-prohibitive, they also pollute the environment and will eventually run out. However, renewable energy, in the form of solar and wind power, can guarantee a limitless consumption of power.

Upgrading to Solar – No Time is Like the Present

Not only that, renewable energy is comprised of clean sources that do not impact the environment. Fossil fuels will ultimately be depleted. If you want your children’s children then to live in a healthier and safer world, it’s important to start making the upgrade to solar now.

An Investment for the Future – Good for the Economy

Renewable energy investments are going toward facilities that will support jobs at home versus overseas. That means a better economy for both cities and towns as well as cleaner, better maintained homes and working environments.

Solar Energy – The Ideal Power Alternative

Solar energy can be used for both lighting and heating offices and homes and for providing the electricity for heating water systems and indoor air. The heat from the sun also powers the breezes that are captured by wind turbines. The sun’s heat as well as the wind causes the evaporation of water, all which makes the snow and rain that fuels hydroelectric power – another low-cost and renewable energy source.

Biomass Products – Byproducts from the Wind, Rain and Sun

In addition, precipitation combined with sunlight produces the biomass or the organic matter from plants. The biomass that is created is utilized for the production of chemicals, fuels and electricity.

Yet another Way to Produce Electricity

Hydrogen, which is a part of a variety of compounds, is known to be the most prolific element on Earth. When combined with oxygen, hydrogen can be used to produce water. If the element is separated in and of itself, it can also be utilized as a source of fuel as well as converted for electrical use.

Geothermal Energy

While scientists and researchers are now concentrating more on solar and wind power, renewable energy can come from geothermal resources too. Geothermal energy uses the internal heat from the Earth to produce electricity and to heat and cool buildings. Energy from ocean tides can also be used to produce electricity.

Solar Panel Generation

Today, the use of solar panels generates a free resource of electrical power from the sun – one that offers electricity without pollutants and foreign oil dependence. The ideal location for a solar power system is a remote area that does not have easy access to a power company connection.

An Ideal Place to Connect to Solar

A good example of a solar-friendly place is a small cabin that is situated some distance from the power company “grid” and uses a moderate amounts of electricity. In this case, it would be wiser to outfit the property with a solar system than to pay to have the power company connect lines to the site.

Energy Independence.

If you wish to enjoy energy independence and a smaller electrical bill, then you need to investigate all the possible means to introduce a solar system or solar energy into your residence. Back-up power is another key consideration for solar energy users to contemplate.

Battery Usage

Because the sun does go behind a cloud at times or hibernates a good deal during the winter, you do have to make provisions for battery generation in this regards. Generally, it takes an AC generator that is mid-sized to charge the batteries used for solar use in the home.

A Grid Tie Inverter

If you live in a town or city where you simply want to add more sun power to your home in order to cut your electrical costs, then you might consider the utilization of a gird tie inverter – a component that works with solar panels to reduce the amount of electricity that is generated from the grid.

An Economic Way to Save on Your Electricity Bills

Should you produce more power from the sun than what your power company provides, you can sell the excess back to the utility. Unless you are experiencing outages frequently, you won’t need batteries for this solar installation at all.

A Cost-effective Solution

As you can see, renewable energy, in the form of solar power offers a viable and cost-effective means to save on your energy bill if not completely reduce the cost over time. Configuring your home for solar power use may initially be higher than you want to pay. However, in the long run, the overall cost is far less than what you will continue to pay for fossil fuel electricity.


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  1. Marek Timoracký

    The way things stand today is that there is no storage for electricity,
    batteries are simply just generators of energy… Secondly thing that
    matter in batteries is efficiency (how much I get from what I give there).
    Other thing is how he talks about America. There are no American problems.
    There are just human problems. I would not consider America as something

  2. Timothy Wayne

    Great stuff! Nice work. The public really needs to see more of this. Have
    you heard anything about a new system called Optimal Future Energy
    Deployment (it should be on Google)? I’ve heard some interesting things
    about it and my brother got some amazing results. I’ve also been searching
    for solutions to the problem of wind turbines killing birds and bats.
    Ultrasonic acoustics looks like a possible answer to saving bats, but I
    haven’t read anything lately about the best way to keep birds away from
    wind turbines. Have you heard anything?

  3. Jean-Lou Dupont

    Liquid Metal Battery : a technology ripe for the market, almost 🙂 Maybe
    my (future) Tesla will be cheaper thanks to this technology.

  4. Boo TV

    Renewable s will never been massively adopted, as long as you have greedy
    politicians that profit from carbon based energy’s, money makes the world
    go round and greed is rife.

  5. Marty G

    Looks really cool. I wonder how they keep the liquid sodium from floating
    on top the liquid magnesium given its lower density? What happens if the
    sodium reaches its boiling point which is only about 400-500F above the
    melting point of the metals? Very promising stuff though for sure.

  6. Rob Raine

    This talk is full of optimism and promise, the kind of thing you need to
    keep attracting research funding. Of course you try to use cheap materials,
    that’s nothing new that’s just how to maximize profits! Prof Sadoway makes
    it sound like it’s problem solved here and that they have found the perfect
    battery chemistry but magnesium-antimony isn’t cheap. Actually, a year
    later they publish a research paper saying that further research is needed
    both to overcome “enormous challenges” in this becoming economic, and also
    to explore “rich , new battery chemistries”. Don’t get me wrong, I wish him
    the best of luck but there is a race on for energy storage technologies,
    and it seems that thermal energy storage has many advantages over
    batteries: for example, allowing offices to run electric chillers at night
    to produce ice and move their electricity demand for cooling away from
    peak times. There are also power generators that can switch the
    balance between heat and power production at short notice without
    compromising efficiency in order to help balance intermittency through
    storing hot water in heat networks in countries that have them like

  7. Glenn Hough

    WOW! I love your lecture… by watching your lecture makes me easy to
    understand more about renewable.. thank you for sharing this video..

  8. Ahmed Ennaoui

    Donald Sadoway: The missing link to renewable energy
    Donald Sadoway: The missing link to renewable energy

  9. makesolarpanelstored

    thank you very much for explaining it well…. learning more about
    renewable is amazing..

  10. Rick ZW

    The entire renewable energy debate is distorted by politics and ideologues.
    Renewable energy is always refered to a a future CONCEPT. Greens believe
    the technology is here now, and the scientific community are dishonestly
    promoting this idea. The truth is cost effective renewable energy is
    decades away and the scientist need to convey this to impressionable young

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